Blue Door Pharma, and its sister company BlueGem Global, is the exclusive supplier in Indonesia for NmVac-4 A/C/Y/W-135TM – a high-quality, low-cost tetravalent plain polysaccharide vaccine for use in the prevention of bacterial meningitis.

Unlike other bacterial meningitis vaccines used commonly in Indonesia and around the world, NmVac-4 A/C/Y/W-135TM uses zero animal-animal based components in its production, and protects against not just one, but four of the most common serogroups known to cause infection in Indonesia.

Further, by balancing US-quality and oversight with overseas low-production costs, NmVac-4 A/C/Y/W-135™ has a per-dose cost 40-60% lower than any other tetravalent meningitis vaccine available in Indonesia and throughout the world.

We are able to provide pharmaceutical support across disease states, including basic items such as first aide, blood pressure and cholesterol meds, but also include chemotherapy and other oncology drugs, multiple sclerosis medications and injectables. Additionally, Blue Door Pharma, as a global pharmaceutical supplier, is able to provide all the pharmaceutical and medical supply needs for the nation of Indonesia as well as other nations in the region.

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